First impressions and customer reviews of the finest infomercial products.

Ambervision Sunglasses


Remember when Gordon Gecko sports that 2 foot long cell phone while walking on the beach in Wall Street? Well, he should have also been sporting these Amber Visions cuz they were the bombtrack in the 80's. Now in the new millenium? Not so cool anymore. But for $6.99 you could start a new trend right?

Price: $6.99 Buy Now!

Bowflex Ultimate XTLU


There's no denying that the Bowflex can get you jacked. Have you seen the commercials? The dude and the dudette look like they are Rocky training in Russia pulling plows though the snow. They have muscles on top of muscles. Of course, according to recent reports, you can get hurt with these too. But hey, you wanna look good don't ya?

Price: $1999.00 Buy Now

Billy's Boot Camp


Billy Blanks is back. Not that he ever left. Tae Bo is as popular as Dancin to the Oldies was and if you ask me Billy wears his pants as high as Richard Simmons did. (Click the link below for a full body shot of the "pant-hiker") You can blast into shape in 7 days! I might actually try this product. Stay tuned for before and after pictures.

Price: $39.95 Buy Now

Little Giant Ladder


Pretty nifty offer: "Buy One Get 23 Free!" The Little Giant is 24 ladders in one. But for that price it should clean your gutters for you.

Price: 4 Payments of $89.95 Buy Now

P.S. If you want a good ladder for less buckaroos try the Ultimate Ladder

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